Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Something Old, Something New, and something old again....

Well... where to start?

Clutter City was last saturday, though I couldn't make it there myself I did put in a large amount of last minute work on friday (including missing lunch!) to get some cards made to sell on a stall a fellow No-Folk member Nicole had there. It's the second time she's had a stall there which a small number of No-Folkers contribute to but the first time I've contributed myself. It's also the first time I've put any of my work up for sale in some way other than the No-Folk blind auction and so seeing that some of my cards actually sold is a nice confidence boost. I had three cards for sale, Willjill, Steve The Dinosaur and an updated version of Phillipo The Flamingo that you can see below:

Anyway, this new foray into card making has proven to be addictive and so an illustration I was working on for my A Clockwork Orange project has also been converted into a design for a card and will soon get the posh printing and packaging, anyway meet Angelica An Angel:

Now it's seems anything I find on my mac or pen-droves etc seems to get played around with to see if it could potentially be made into a card, most recently being the bird which was the first thing I ever posted on my blog and is unfortunately still without a name.... anyway, not sure about this one still.

Monday, 19 April 2010

All Creatures Great & Small

Well.... Projects have been developing slowly recently due to mostly indecisiveness and a lot of other reasons that i can't exactly put into words, however I do have pictures that apparently can tell more than a thousand words. These are the products of my labour and avoidance of working on real projects. I have no idea why I made them, what they are for et cetera, et cetera, however I do know I enjoyed making them and like where this spontaneity is taking my work, it's just a shame that the same cannot be said for my real projects.

Above, is Steve the dinosaur, no idea why he's called Steve or even why he's striped, spotty or blue, but I like him. Below, is Phillipo the Flamingo, his name is borrowed from a nickname of a friend named Phil who in turn borrowed it from a brand of olive oil.... Unfortunately the scan doesn't do the water justice.

On a side note I've been noticing a heavy use of magenta, cyan and white in my work recently which has me slightly worried that everything is beginning to look like a big mush of sameyness. Even the little head way I am making in my A Clockwork Orange project is using this colour scheme in the dust jacket, which is why, despite it nearing completion none of it's imagery has made it to the webternet yet, at least I have resisted using orange...

As for the publication project, well that's taken a big setback due to a format change which is kind of annoying but alas, that is the way of the world. On the subject of publication i found some other work for it has made it blogwise so have updated my previous post accordingly.
Anyway, that's all for now. bye.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010


And so, term time has begun again so its straight back into working hard as if easter never happened, that being working on the brief for the No-Folk publication which is a joint project between us, each illustrating a phrase from where we are from. Mine is "Willjill" which is a term to describe someone when you're not quite sure if they are a gentleman or a lady.

If you're interested in what else might be appearing in the No-Folk publication then take a look at: Benedict's first and second piece, Ben's and Michaela's. There's some other really nice work floating around for it too that doesn't seem to have made it blogwise yet so keep an eye out.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Look! A Bird!

Well, it took longer than a few days because I had to get a lot of procrastination done first but I finally got an image uploaded. Anyway I made this bird way back on monday 23rd of March before I even started the blog but have only just scanned it in. its collaged sheets of acetate painted with acrylic.

Alas, he doesn't have a name, so if anyone can come up with one I like they get the grand prize of feeling smug.