Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Something Old, Something New, and something old again....

Well... where to start?

Clutter City was last saturday, though I couldn't make it there myself I did put in a large amount of last minute work on friday (including missing lunch!) to get some cards made to sell on a stall a fellow No-Folk member Nicole had there. It's the second time she's had a stall there which a small number of No-Folkers contribute to but the first time I've contributed myself. It's also the first time I've put any of my work up for sale in some way other than the No-Folk blind auction and so seeing that some of my cards actually sold is a nice confidence boost. I had three cards for sale, Willjill, Steve The Dinosaur and an updated version of Phillipo The Flamingo that you can see below:

Anyway, this new foray into card making has proven to be addictive and so an illustration I was working on for my A Clockwork Orange project has also been converted into a design for a card and will soon get the posh printing and packaging, anyway meet Angelica An Angel:

Now it's seems anything I find on my mac or pen-droves etc seems to get played around with to see if it could potentially be made into a card, most recently being the bird which was the first thing I ever posted on my blog and is unfortunately still without a name.... anyway, not sure about this one still.

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